Exciting Changes for Ganja Goddess!


Ganja Goddess is making some big changes all at once that will make our service even better for all out customers! This includes how we route drivers and package orders, working with new partners to help with our delivery, and using a new platform for you to make your cannabis orders. Because we're doing so many changes all at once, we ask for your patience as we work out the kinks.

The biggest change is in how we deliver. We want to offer more options to our customers for delivery times and how they are scheduled. Some options mean delivery will be same day, sometimes within an hour or two. We’re also providing better accuracy and communication of when deliveries will occur. Accurate and detailed windows on more days will remove the difficulty in scheduling and respect YOUR time. While the focus is on an excellent delivery scheduling system, some regions will also see options for same day delivery within an hour or less. Drivers are also now required to remain in the vehicle for safety and compliance reasons. If you have mobility issues, please contact our customer service and they will be happy to work out accomodations!

In order to align these logistical changes with ordering, we have a major overhaul of our website. It will look different and work differently, but we’re hoping in the long run it will be easier for you to use, provide better flexibility, and still be the best Goddess platform we can create! The accounts will log in using your phone number instead of a password. Also, the loyalty rewards system will be changing for the better, but to help with the transition we will be giving a small bonus in rewards points. We're moving our location, so customer service may be a bit slow to respond or there may be limited availability on your favorite products while we set-up the new inventory system. The new website may also ask you to resubmit information you have previously submitted.


About Us

When our founder, Tara, first started experimenting with using cannabis for her own health and wellbeing, she looked for a private and educational shopping experience that spoke to her cannabis needs. She felt unwelcome and overwhelmed when visiting cannabis dispensaries, and they were often difficult to find nearby. This inspired her to create an easy-to-use online cannabis retail experience with an enthusiastic and helpful customer service team.

Ganja Goddess was founded in 2011 as a medical marijuana cooperative dedicated to providing consumers with safe access to quality cannabis. We believe in equal access, which is why our menu is stocked with affordable cannabis tinctures, topicals, edibles, beverages, concentrates, pre-rolls, and flower strains. Our curated delivery menu and educational cannabis content help guide a diverse range of cannabis consumers through a streamlined e-commerce experience.

We take a compassionate approach toward cannabis consumption by creating an approachable environment for consumers to better understand their cannabis needs. We partner with cannabis brands to bring customers exclusive deals and allow them to explore new cannabis products that could be beneficial and enjoyable.

Our team of cannabis delivery drivers, customer service representatives, warehouse packers, and administrative staff are passionate about cannabis for wellness, and they are ready to help you find the best products for your specific needs! We are dedicated to sharing, delivering, and creating access to the best of cannabis for all Goddesses (and Gods and Deities).