A Cinematic High: Best Stoner Movies on Netflix for Women

by Angela G

Welcome to a movie-watching experience that will take you to higher realms of laughter, empowerment, and mind-bending storytelling. Indulge in the best stoner movies on Netflix, specifically handpicked for women who appreciate a cinematic high like no other.

And undoubtedly, Netflix has an impressive collection of stoner movies catering to women that feature kick-ass female leads, women-directed gems, and stories celebrating the power of sisterhood and self-discovery. So, grab your popcorn, light up your favorite strain, and explore some of the best movies to watch when high.

Ganja Goddess Picks: Best Stoner Movies on Netflix for Women 2023

It’s time to get cozy, hit play, and let the good times roll with our top picks for stoner movies on Netflix that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Dude stoner movie poster

Dude (2018)

Directed by: Olivia Milch

Cast: Lucy Hale (Lily), Kathryn Prescott (Em), Alexandra Shipp (Chloe), Awkwafina (Rebecca), Alex Wolff (Noah)

Movie plot: It’s a coming-of-age comedy that follows four best friends—Lily, Em, Chloe, and Rebecca—during their last weeks of high school. As they navigate the highs and lows of teenage life, they rely on their strong bond and love for cannabis to cope with the challenges that come their way.

Why it’s perfect for women stoners: “Dude” offers a relatable and hilarious portrayal of female friendship, self-discovery, and the ups and downs of teenage life. It celebrates the power of female friendships and explores the complexities of growing up while embracing the joys of cannabis culture. If you appreciate a light-hearted and entertaining story, this will be one of the best weed movies you’ll ever watch.

Ganja Goddess-approved weed for movie night: As a playful tribute to the Donkey Kong-shaped bong named Donkey Bong in the movie, we recommend hitting a bong for an extra fun and immersive experience. Grab your favorite cannabis flower from Smoakland, SF Roots, or Life Cannabis Co., and take a toke from your trusty bong.

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Bad Teacher stoner movie poster

Bad Teacher (2011)

Directed by: Jake Kasdan

Cast: Cameron Diaz (Elizabeth Halsey), Lucy Punch (Amy Squirrel), Jason Segel (Russell Gettis), Justin Timberlake (Scott Delacorte), Phyllis Smith (Lynn Davies)

Movie plot: Cameron Diaz portrays Elizabeth Halsey, a terrible and incompetent teacher who her sugar daddy dumps. With her dreams of quitting her job and marrying rich shattered, she sets her sights on a substitute teacher, Russell Gettis (Jason Segel), who is both wealthy and attractive. However, Elizabeth faces fierce competition from Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), another popular and perky teacher with her eye on Russell. Throughout the film, Elizabeth’s misadventures and unconventional methods, including smoking weed, add to the comedic chaos.

Why it’s perfect for women stoners: “Bad Teacher” is a humorous and entertaining film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Cameron Diaz’s portrayal of the unconventional and rebellious Elizabeth Halsey adds more fun to the stoner movie experience. It quickly becomes one of the best movies to watch while high for anyone looking for a light comedy with a naughty and audacious protagonist who isn’t afraid to break the rules.

Ganja Goddess-approved weed for movie night: We highly recommend indulging in some delightful pre-rolls as they’re the perfect way to enjoy good stoner movies on Netflix—they’re ready to go, packed with high-quality cannabis, and just waiting to elevate your enjoyment. Try pre-rolls from Raw Garden, Muha Meds, Casacanna, and more.

Don't Look Up stoner movie poster

Don’t Look Up (2021)

Directed by: Adam McKay

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence (Dr. Kate Dibiasky), Leonardo DiCaprio (Dr. Randall Mindy), Meryl Streep (President Janie Orlean), Jonah Hill (Jason Orlean), Mark Rylance (Peter Isherwell)

Movie plot: Jennifer Lawrence takes on the role of Dr. Kate Dibiasky, an astronomer who discovers a colossal comet hurtling towards Earth. She faces skepticism, bureaucracy, and media sensationalism as she tries to warn the world about the impending disaster. The film satirically examines society’s response to a global crisis, blending dark humor with social commentary.

Why it’s perfect for women stoners: “Don’t Look Up” offers a thought-provoking and entertaining experience for canna enthusiasts. Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Dr. Kate Dibiasky brings depth to a character who finds solace and stress relief through cannabis consumption. The movie tackles serious issues with a satirical lens, making it an engaging choice for those who enjoy thought-provoking stories infused with humor.

Ganja Goddess-approved weed for movie night: It’s one of the best stoner movies on Netflix that you can make the most of while microdosing on delectable edibles. Edibles provide a longer lasting and more potent experience, perfect for a movie that keeps you engaged from start to finish. Get your hands on edibles from brands like Wyld, PLUS, Jelly Cannabis Co., and more.

Mirage stoner movie poster

Mirage (2018)

Directed by: Oriol Paulo

Cast: Adriana Ugarte (Vera Roy), Chino Darín (Ángel Prieto), Javier Gutiérrez (Inspector Leyra), Álvaro Morte (David Ortiz), Nora Navas (Gloria Roy)

Movie plot: Adriana Ugarte takes on the role of Vera Roy, a woman who discovers a shocking connection between her present and the past. After experiencing a time warp phenomenon in her apartment building, Vera gets entangled in a complex web of mystery, where the lines between past, present, and future blur. Vera must confront her choices and fight against the forces threatening her loved ones as she unravels the truth.

Why it’s perfect for women stoners: “Mirage” offers an intriguing and suspenseful storyline that will captivate women stoners seeking a mind-bending experience. Adriana Ugarte’s portrayal of Vera Roy brings depth and vulnerability to a character caught in a mesmerizing time loop. The movie explores themes of identity, fate, and the power of love, making it one of the most compelling weed movies on Netflix for those who enjoy thought-provoking and suspenseful narratives.

Ganja Goddess-approved weed for movie night: Although there’s no mention of cannabis in the movie, its suspenseful and atmospheric nature makes it an excellent stoner movie on Netflix. To enhance your viewing experience, we recommend exploring Ganja Goddess’ selection of concentrates from brands like Papa’s Select, Cream of the Crop, and more. Concentrates offer a potent and concentrated form of cannabis, perfect for diving deep into the movie’s intense storyline and captivating visuals.

Honorable Mentions: Weed Documentaries and TV Series to Explore

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the stoner culture and enjoy some quality entertainment, Netflix has some trippy documentaries and TV series worth exploring.

Broad City Sitcom stoner TV series poster

Broad City Sitcom (2014)

Join best friends Abbi and Ilana as they navigate the ups and downs of life in New York City. This hilarious TV series showcases the dynamic duo’s misadventures, often involving cannabis, and celebrates female friendship, independence, and empowerment.

Disjointed sitcom stoner TV series poster

Disjointed Sitcom (2017)

Dive into the quirky world of Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a cannabis advocate who opens a Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. With a mix of comedy and heart, this TV series offers a unique perspective on cannabis culture and its impact on the lives of the dispensary staff and customers.

Weeds stoner TV series poster

Weeds TV Series (2005)

Follow the journey of Nancy Botwin, a suburban widow turned marijuana dealer, as she navigates the underground cannabis market to support her family. This critically acclaimed series explores themes of female entrepreneurship, resilience, and the challenges of balancing personal and professional life.

Grace and Frankie stoner TV series poster

Grace and Frankie TV Series (2015)

Delve into the lives of Grace and Frankie, two women who find themselves in unexpected circumstances after their husbands reveal they are in love with each other. As they navigate their newfound independence, these women embark on a journey of self-discovery and friendship and even explore the world of cannabis.

Women and the Film Industry in 2023

Traditionally, the film industry has been dominated by men, with women often limited to stereotypical roles and underrepresentation in key creative positions. However, times are changing, and women have been challenging the status quo, reclaiming their space, and breaking barriers. 

Women characters in filmmaking

Women are changing the way films are made

Women are introducing new narratives, perspectives, and approaches to storytelling. They are breaking away from traditional stereotypes and giving voice to underrepresented communities.

In front of the camera, women are challenging what it means to be a leading lady. They portray complex characters with depth, agency, and emotions. Today, female actors take on roles that transcend traditional boundaries, playing superheroes, scientists, and leaders such as Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, and Octavia Spencer in Hidden Figures.

Behind the scenes, women are making significant contributions as directors, producers, and writers. They inject their creativity and vision into projects, pushing boundaries and experimenting with new storytelling techniques. 

#Timesup and #Metoo movement in filmmaking

Hurdles still being battled

Challenges persist despite the progress made in the film industry for women’s inclusion. 

Gender inequality remains a pressing issue in the film industry, with women often facing barriers in accessing funding, securing key positions, and receiving equal pay. Additionally, systemic biases and stereotypes still affect how women’s stories are perceived and marketed.

However, women’s continued activism and advocacy in the film industry drive change. Movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo have shed light on women’s issues and sparked conversations about the need for inclusivity and gender parity in all aspects of filmmaking.

So, all hope is not lost.

The future of women in the film industry holds immense promise. As more women continue to gain recognition and support, we can expect a significant shift in the narratives depicted on screen. Films will become more representative, reflecting the rich tapestry of human experiences.

Chloe Zhao winning best director Oscar for Nomadland

Recent victories of women in film

In recent years, women have witnessed remarkable achievements in the film industry. Filmmaker Ava DuVernay has been at the forefront of promoting diverse storytelling through her influential works such as “Selma” and “When They See Us.” Actress and producer Reese Witherspoon established her production company, Hello Sunshine, championing stories about women’s experiences.

Chloe Zhao, an emerging talent, made history by becoming the first woman of Asian descent to win the Best Director Oscar for her film “Nomadland.” Her remarkable achievement shattered barriers and highlighted the incredible storytelling and directorial talent of women from diverse backgrounds.

Michelle Yeoh’s historic win as the first Asian woman to win Best Actress for “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is another inspiring example. Furthermore, the documentary “The Elephant Whisperers” is a testament to women’s triumphs. Directed and produced by Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga, this Indian production won an Oscar for the heartwarming docu-drama.

Lights, Camera, Cannabis

Jar of cannabis flower with cannabis pipe and rolling papers

Stoner movies on Netflix are a treasure trove of laughter, adventure, and mind-bending journeys. Like Netflix is the go-to platform for the best stoner movies, Ganja Goddess is your ultimate destination for the best cannabis products.

When the credits roll, and you crave high-quality cannabis to enhance your experience, Ganja Goddess will sweep you off your feet. From premium flower to some of the best weed edibles and everything in between, Ganja Goddess curates the finest selection of cannabis products for the best times. So, whether you’re laughing along with the hilarious adventures of “Dude” or unraveling the mind-bending mysteries of “Mirage,” Ganja Goddess will perfectly fit your plan.

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