Berry White Infused 5pk | 2.5grams


Berry White Infused 5pk | 2.5grams

Chemical content
29.4 mg
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Berry White is an indica strain with an assortment of berry flavors like blueberry and strawberry complimented with extra citrus notes and light earthiness tones. With a relaxed yet alert high, Berry White is not only an iconic artist but the perfect strain for a midday break. Throw some Barry White on and light up a Berry White Jeeter for a cheat code on vibes.

Terpenes Profile
Myrcene - 0.5683%
Linalool - 0.5379%
Humulene - 0.2689%
Terpinolene - 0.2334%
Pinene - 0.1713%
About the Brand

About Jeeter

Once just a secret code among friends for a "joint," Jeeter has evolved into the leading pre-roll brand globally, setting the stage for an unparalleled cannabis experience. Their core philosophy centers on immersing their customers in a world of excellence.

With a blend of nostalgia in their packaging and a wide array of unique flavors, Jeeter's primary focus is on crafting products that cater to the masses. Their dominance as the #1 pre-roll brand nationwide can be attributed to an unwavering passion for cannabis, a talent for continuous innovation, and a stellar team that distinguishes them from the rest.

Jeeter takes pride in its use of premium indoor flower to ensure a consistently remarkable experience every time you light up. Their DreamFields operates from one of Southern California's largest licensed cannabis facilities. The cannabis brand’s unwavering commitment lies in delivering customers an unforgettable journey through the Jeeter product line, cementing their reputation as an industry leader in cannabis pre-rolls.

Product Types Offered

Jeeter Pre-rolls

Jeeter Infused Pre-roll: Mango Sherbet 1g

The Mango Sherbet pre-roll offers a blend of Indica strains, including Mango Trees, Mango Kush, and Sherbert. This reefer is like a tropical getaway for your senses, filling the air with the luscious scent of ripe mangos and the sweet, creamy notes of sherbet. When you light up this infused pre-roll, get ready for a delightful journey that's perfect for your afternoon adventures and creative explorations.

Jeeter Infused Pre-roll: Tropicana 1g

It's a Sativa-dominant pre-roll born from the sweet union of GSC and Tangie. This fusion brings together zesty citrus notes intertwined with the comforting flavor of cookies. As you blaze it up, you'll witness an earthy pine aroma with a hint of tangy spice and a pronounced orange essence. Be prepared for a heady, focused high that fills you with a cheerful, tingling buzz and a surge of creative drive.

Jeeter Infused Pre-roll: Orange Daiquiri 5pk 2.5g

The Orange Daiquiri pre-rolls bring a tropical citrus fiesta to your senses with a terpene profile shrouded in mystery. Embrace the mix of tropical citrus fruits wrapped up in a crisp orange undertone. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the exhale surprises you with a hint of earthy pine and a touch of spice. Jeeter pre-roll is your perfect companion for a mellow early afternoon toke, leaving you in a state of relaxation and uplifted spirits, not to mention a hearty appetite boost.

Jeeter Infused Pre-roll: Berry White 5pk 2.5g

The Berry White Jeeter pre-rolls are packed with the goodness of Indica and offer a medley of berries in every toke. You can witness the aroma of blueberry and strawberry, with an extra zing of citrus and subtle earthy undertones. It's the ideal choice for quiet afternoons, keeping you calm yet alert.

License Verification

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to