Blue Razz - 100mg Shot | 100mg


Blue Razz - 100mg Shot | 100mg

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True to its name, The Shot from St. Ides is a 100mg power-house of THC packed in a tasty 4oz beverage. 

About the Brand
St. Ides


In the 1980s, ST IDES started its journey, growing alongside hip-hop music. It's become a symbol of pushing the boundaries and has evolved into a symbolic figure featuring potent and tobacco-free flower. Their product line includes pre-roll blunts, cannabis-infused shots, and iced tea.

The ST IDES THC drink high tea range boasts 100mg of THC, which kicks in quickly as they utilize a proprietary formulation, leveraging nanoemulsion technology to ensure swift onset. You can sip it cold or mix it with your favorite beverage. They've got flavors like Georgia Peach and Wild Raspberry that you might enjoy.

Furthermore, the cannabis-infused shot offers a concentrated option. Available in a small 4oz bottle, each contains a robust 100mg of THC, outshining its size. The shots are formulated precisely and come in three flavors—Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Razz, and Watermelon—incorporating nanotechnology for enhanced effect.

Lastly, the 2.5g hand-rolled blunt stands as a pinnacle of potency. Showcasing meticulously selected premium indoor nugs, each is hand-broken and consistently tests above 40% THC. They go the extra mile by triple-infusing it with diamonds, hash, and a generous kief coating. Level up your moments and defy the ordinary with ST IDES—where potent cannabis blends seamlessly with creativity, inviting you to rewrite the narrative of extraordinary experiences.

Product Types Offered

ST IDES Blunts

ST IDES Hand Rolled Triple Infused Blunt: Bubba Pie 2.5g

Unveil convenience with ST IDES' blunts that feature meticulously chosen premium indoor nugs and boast around 40% THC for an unparalleled adventure. This artisanal masterpiece combines triple infusions of diamonds, hash, and kief, amplified by a sleek glass tip. Savor the blend of craftsmanship and potency in every toke and make a monotonous moment extraordinary.

ST IDES Cannabis Drink

ST IDES Cannabis Infused High Tea: Wild Raspberry

This irresistible raspberry-flavored cannabis drink delivers a robust 100mg THC punch that'll quickly make you feel the buzz. Fueled by nanoemulsion tech, ST IDES' exclusive blend ensures a swift onset and lets you experiment with different mixologies. With its delectable fruity notes and enhanced creativity and relaxation, this tea guarantees a flavorful and impactful journey in every sip.

ST IDES Cannabis Infused Shot: Strawberry Lemonade 100mg

This convenient 4 oz ST IDES drink seamlessly intertwines the robust potency of 100mg THC with the zesty allure of lemonade and the luscious sweetness of ripe strawberries. It offers a rapid onset and quick absorption for your pleasure. Let the flavors dance on your taste buds while the THC sets a delightful journey in motion. From leisurely moments to bustling activities, this shot brings the quintessential summer experience into a compact and efficient form, promising a memorable and refreshing indulgence.

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