Green Crack Surf 0.5g | 0.5grams


Green Crack Surf 0.5g | 0.5grams

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13.9 mg
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Green Crack is a legendary cannabis cultivar, originally named Cush but later renamed Green Crack by rapper Snoop Dogg. The strain descends from Skunk #1 and an Afghani landrace strain, featuring a skunky terpene palate and delicious citrus and mango flavors. Green Crack provides energizing effects, perfect for boosting low moods and accomplishing your daily to-do list.

Aroma: Mango, Citrus, Skunk

Effects: Uplifted, Energized, Happy

About Bloom Brands

Meet the true cannabis enthusiasts based in the heart of Los Angeles. With an unparalleled connection to the finest cannabis this industry offers, Bloom Brands has hit the jackpot and hasn't stopped since 2014. Their diverse crew boasts a background in all things cannabis—from cultivating the green goodness to serving as knowledgeable budtenders and even delving into the scientific and engineering aspects.

Think of them as devoted enthusiasts with a knack for premium quality. Their mission is as simple as sharing the magic of cannabis with anyone who crosses their path.

It's all about turning each day into a fantastic adventure with tasteful cannabis experiences that span the globe. From those sleek Bloom vape cartridges and the decadent allure of cannabis oil to the concentrated wonders that pack a punch, their range covers it all. THC is their muse, and they're in perfect harmony with the dynamic cannabis industry. Using the power of ethanol extraction, they've mastered the art of capturing the essence of diverse cannabis strains.

So, if you're vibing with a laid-back attitude towards life and a love for the weed, these are your people.

Product Types Offered

Bloom Vape Cartridges

Bloom Brands Vape Cartridge: Gush Mintz 1g Live Indica

This Indica Bloom cartridge combines earthy creaminess and woody hints, leading to pure relaxation. Crafted from the Kush Mints, F1 Drub, and Gushers trio, this phenotype promises a flavorful journey with almond, camphor, and pine cone notes. Enjoy the flawless hits delivered by Bloom's custom glass and ceramic 510 cartridges, perfectly tailored for high terpene oils.

Bloom Brands All-in-one Vape: Mona Lisa 0.5g Live Hybrid Surf

This hybrid all-in-one vape blends the earthiness and citrusy tones for a mellow yet revitalizing encounter. A puff or two will let you unleash your creativity and sink into a serene euphoria that complements any task or leisure pursuit. Take advantage of the harmonious fusion while relishing the uplifting and soothing vibes for a delightful experience.

Bloom Brands Disposable Vape: Green Crack Surf 0.5g

Green Crack is a flavor that's riding the waves of cannabis fame. It traces its lineage back to Skunk #1 and an Afghani landrace variety. Its skunky essence intertwined with zesty mango and citrus notes makes it a flavor fiesta. But it's not just about taste; this vape brings an invigorating buzz, lifting you, sparking energy, and painting a lasting grin. Prepare yourself to ride this wave of uplifted vibes and joyous feels.

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