Guavalicious 3.5g 8th | 3.5grams


Guavalicious 3.5g 8th | 3.5grams

Chemical content
27.6 mg - 36.8 mg
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All the premium big buds from each batch. Each OFL 8th will have no more than 5 buds in the bag. All buds are finger-trimmed to maintain the bud structure, ensuring the ultimate smoke experience. All lab-tested.

Guava-Licious (Hybrid)

Taste: Fruity, Skunk, Guava

Feeling: Euphoric, Happy, Chill

Genetics: Guava Runtz

When this strain first hit the R&D table, we knew it was a winner. Similar to the Oak-lato cut, this one has a heavy doughy smell and purple coloring. Pulling out the nugs, your whole hand comes away smelling like dough. At first, it's hard to pick up anything else behind that strong cloud, but if you squeeze, a candy runtz aroma starts to break through.

On the grind, the Runtz profile blossoms until things split into three layers: candy at the top, fruit, then dough. The dry pull still carries that flavor from the Guava's lineage, but once you get things lit, the sweet and cakey angle gives way to a musky, mildly fruity flavor that stays wonderfully steady through the whole smoke. 

Guava-licious has a fast-acting effect and a robust musky fruit flavor that makes it a hit for a session where everyone's breaking out the candies and gasses.

Terpenes Profile
Limonene - 0.564%
Caryophyllene - 0.403%
Linalool - 0.293%
Myrcene - 0.215%
Humulene - 0.156%


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to